Get your full episodes of your favorite Celebrity Sweat® stars at or Click here
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Celebrity Branding

Your Celebrity Training Partners

Celebrity Sweat® offers Star Power– High Energy Fitness options for your members. Centers will provide the best in personal training programs with state of the art design.To get your full episodes of your favorite Celebrity Sweat® stars, go to or Click Here


TV monitors will feature previews and trailers of the Top Celebrity Sweat® Ambassadors showcasing their respective workouts.

Members can download Full Celebrity Sweat® Editions to spice up their workouts and have access to the Best in Fitness and Training.

Celebrity Sweat® Apparel to be featured at each gym. Increase your profit margin with merchandise while expanding the brand name.

Members will have access to Celebrity Sweat® Gear to work out in and downloads for new motivation techniques.


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Each Celebrity Sweat™ Fitness Center offers a “bank” of celebrity appearances throughout the year for the club to use at its discretion. Depending on whether this is a Premier Center or a Celebrity Fit Express, the number of appearances will vary. But as part of your core, you will have the best of all celebrity star power, so enjoy the benefits and rewards that only Celebrity Sweat® can offer!


Take advantage of the star power behind Celebrity Sweat® and utilize your Grand Opening appearance, personal training programs, and certification to your best advantage.

Nelly with Celebrity Sweat

Use the previews, trailers and video content throughout the club to showcase the best “behind-the-scenes look” at how your favorite athletes and celebrities train.

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