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About | Celebrity Sweat™ Fitness Centers
Fitness centers are involved in a competitive industry with diverse target markets. In our ever-changing industry, fitness centers must have an aggressive and strategic approach to maintaining a competitive edge.

The Celebrity Sweat™ Fitness Centers provide the best in fitness with top notch star power.

It’s no secret that people are influenced by celebrities. People look to celebrities for inspiration. Celebrity endorsement is priceless.

While Factors like a well-trained team, high quality equipment, and a high traffic location will be the core strengths of the fitness centers, the “Celebrity Experience” is the added value.

The Celebrity Sweat™ team will work with our fitness centers to present “celebrity centered” work outs with celebrities such as Nelly and Billy Blanks. Our unique live space interactive workouts create an exciting atmosphere via large video screens displaying various celebrity workouts, members can choose the workout to fit their specific needs, or choose to workout with their own routine.

As part of the overall strategy of increasing membership, each fitness center will have access to celebrities for grand openings and special events, as well as promotional visits every quarter. Each fitness center will have full access to marketing materials such as banners, logos, videos, clothing, supplements, and monthly rotating work outs.